The exact 5 steps to find your passion and:

Live a Prosperous Life with Joy and Ease,
Doing What You Love,
Creating a More Open Hearted World!

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Dear Friend,

If you would like to live more with an open heart, become the person you'd love to be and create a life you love...
If you are feeling a bit lost or unfulfilled or would like a more meaningful way of living...
If you feel fulfilled when sharing and connecting heart to heart with others...

Then I’m going to show you how it’s absolutely possible.

Did you know: 80% of people feel dissatisfied in their job. There has never been a better time to find out how to live your passion and create the lifestyle of your dreams!

Reconnect in your heart, learn how to find your purpose, the 5 steps to take to live a rich and fulfilling life, hear real life examples of people who have found their passion and introduce our Heart Centred Living and Breathwork Practitioner Programs in 2015.

Absolutely FREE!


Reconnect to the Joy of shifting from a Head to a Heart.
Reconnect in your heart with a heart centring: replace pushing and hard work with passion, flow and ease: Gain insights into how inspiration and enthusiasm come from being true to your heart.

How to Find Your Passion and Live it.
We are going to learn the 3 simple questions to answer, to identify where you are MOST LIKELY to find your passion, be successful and create fulfilment.

The 5 Steps to take so You can Live from Your Heart.
I am going to give you the exact 5 steps you must take so you can live from your heart, find your passion, deepen relationships, increase well-being and live your life fully.

The 12 Areas to Master to create fulfilment and contentment.
Yes there are 12 areas you must master if you want to feel whole, happy and contented. Receive a lovely poster of the 12 Areas to assist you to stay on track and in balance.

How to Prosper from Your Passion and make a difference.
There comes a time when we feel the undying urge to contribute to the well-being of others. If you are here to share your gifts and prosper, you are going to love this.


As soon as you register, you’ll get instant access to:

Passion Finder Appraisal.
This appraisal will help you to see clearly where you are and the motivation to align your life with your heart,so you cangive your greatest gift and enjoy your life fully.

Then after the Webinar, you'll receive a link to:

Passion Finder Worksheet.
Carefully designed to help you easily identify find the most likely places where you are going to find meaning, passion, success and fulfilment.

Passion Finder Meditation
Connect deeply to your subconscious to discover what will bring you joy, fulfilment and success.


You will also receive a 12 areas to master for Heart Centred Living Poster.
The poster will remind you of what you need to do to find passion and fulfilment!

Begin moving forward to a happier, more fulfilling life, faster than you ever thought possible!

Dr Chris Wimbury G.P.

If your life has problems in it, if there are things you have been wanting to say bottled up inside but never had the opportunity, I can endorse these programs as periods where you can nurture yourself and others and be nurtured in return, going back to your usual routine emotionally strengthened.

I had the pleasure of listening to a couple of your training sessions and knew I would benefit from Emotional Intelligence training and enhance my relationships on all levels. Have a much better understanding of myself and have the skills to change and let go where needed.

I loved the peace, calmness and a higher level of connection that came from the experience. I like all areas of the work that you do, but especially that it is a safe environment of love and non-judgement that encourages total honesty with oneself and the release of blocked energy (baggage) that weighed me down.

Janet Mitchelson

Gerry Huston

Re-established relationship with partner, opened up my heart, connected on a deep level I know how to tap into my emotions, best thing I have done for me, total lifting of shame, learn't how to connect with myself on a deep heart level. My relationship with my husband has improved 'beyond', and I am able to open up, with intimacy and real connection. Loved It! The best thing I have ever done for myself and my relationship."

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